Ninja orders

Every time i click on close button on Ninja platform it always closes me way off my profit numbers. If i click on $100 close profit it always closes me @ $37.50 and net profit would be $33.50

Anyone else have the same issue?

I was told by my broker that i should set a limit order to exit, but i don't know if limit order will hit or candle reverse so i click close and this is what i get.

What contract are you trading ?

Are you trading more than one contract ?

Are you seeing this with your live trading account or the Sim101 account ?

There is nothing inherently bad about using the 'Close' button to exit an open position. It will bring your open position to a closed state. It appears the issue your seeing is one of slippage, which is highly dependent upon the market your trading (thus the question above). In a deep market like the S&P 500 E-Mini ES contract, the Closes button will exit you at the best bid price (for a long trade). Now if you had instead used a limit order at the best offer price, as your broker suggested you consider doing, then you could have avoided that 1 tick of slippage on exit, but you risk not being filled at the best offer if the market moves away from that price level before your order is filled.

Specifically the 'Close' button will do the following steps:
1. Cancels non-related open orders for the contract
2. Modifies any working sell limit orders to a price below the best bid (for an open long trade) causing them to execute at the best bid
3. If necessary, issue a 'housekeeping' Market Order to exit any remaining contracts not exited in step 2 with the intent to flattening the open position.

This algorithm raises a subtle issue you need to be aware of with the 'Close' or 'Flatten' buttons is the possible race condition between working limit orders sitting out on the exchange server and the orders being modified/issued by NT in steps 2 and 3 above. Because of the delay between your computer and the exchange order sever, it is possible to end up reversing a position if the timing is just right. So for example if your long 10 contracts, hit the 'Close' button on your Static DOM, but at the exact same time your working limit order is filled at the exchange order server before steps 1 and 2 above complete and NT either modifies the existing limit order in step 2 or issues the cleanup market order in step 3, you could end up net short as many as 10 contracts at the market
i use ninja exclusively. 99.9% of the time the platform is not the problem. i ahve had problems with slippage trading the ES before and i've learned my lessons.

1. slow/old computer will cause slippage
2. slow internet will cause slippage
3. high volatility will cause slippage
4. low liquidity will also cause slippage (not a problem with me trading ES)

and finally:

5. Ninjatrader, specifically the feed (Zenfire in my case) is screwing up
Thanks for your reply guys. The situation i described occurs on all instruments i trade with Ninja. I usually trade when volatility is high.It is interesting that market would move that much in a click of a mouse If that is the case why then it does not move so quickly in my favor when i place a market order.