YMM1, (3, -1) one entry tool explained

This may provide an additional price measurement tool, which worked today, as well as during other trading sessions. Trading from unchanged, project the Stretch calculation in either direction. From there, i.e., either side of unchanged by the Stretch, calculate 1.618% of the Stretch, which may provide the initial small range expansion. Example: 26 April... unchanged 12427 (... minus the Stretch below = 12400 now add 1.618% to that, 12400 + 46 = 12446. The first move in the 26 April A session was up to 12445, and fell to 12397.
Got it? Project the Stretch down and visualize a reversal on the upside at 1.618% of the Stretch, because prices tend to trade in two directions as prices expand the trading range in both directions until the (3, -1) formula starts to take shape.