Support and Resistance Trend Lines

Spent the day reading up on Trend Lines. More specifically, support and resistance Trend Lines.

As far as I can tell, an absolute must know for the new Day Trader.

At this point, I don't really understand how in a market moved by emotion, current events, politics, corporate power and breaking news... How can there be any consistency in trend lines?

I believe the answer is... That the forces mentioned can and will alter the market drastically, but only momentarily. Then the habits of human nature will again retake the wheel and drive the market as it does. The trend lines regain consistency.
I think every tool available is somehow helpful if you know how to use it.
Hmmm.... Wow I've come a long way. Talk about over thinking. Time really flies.
It must feel good to see your own progress through time.
I agree with Aladdin's comment. How did you come across this old post of yours?
Trading is still not yet my full time job, so my real job takes me away for months at a time. I enjoy coming back to to check in from time to time.
@day trading ... I don't really know how I find these old post.. I found this again because it was at the top of the thread, but since you were the last to post(back in 14??)... I'm not really sure how it got there.

@Aladdin ... It is AWESOME to see my progress... I've come a long way... Though... I wish now I can use my full potential. It's all in the math i know, but I still choke up from time to time. When my account get BIGGER... these fears should subside.... It's all in the math!

@Falconhill Looks like you are long gone, but just in case... I absolutely agree.

Best wishes to all.