stretch 18th

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USDCAD hit 100% as Dow hit its number

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EURUSD same as USDCAD, neat huh?

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hey both es and ym were in sync...i shorted 39 in es and took profits in the 35 area due to time of day, otherwise i would be holding on to it...

r1 was right in between the 2.618 and 3x stretch for ym and r2 was right in between those stretch numbers for es (reached to the tick), providing even more resistance to the area. Some fib projeections were in the 39-40 area as well
6e bounced nicely three times against that 1x stretch, so it was definetely a big deal today
I just closed the Dow position, close enough to 38% , and closed the EUR and CAD position after the pop to the downside. I was trying to be patient today and wait for a currency pair to tie into Dow, didnt look at S&P. Good trade given the Dow was a V top. There were stretch trades on Dow and EUR at the start of the europe trading this morning, even better as you get nice "lazy" tops
yep, it seems there was a decent fade of the 1.618 while i was sleeping...

do u usually look for an fx pair to be in sync with ym or es ?

congrats on the trades and thanks for the charts
I think its worth doing, if there is going to be a decent turn the dollar is going to go opposite stocks. I incresed my trade size this time due to the currency hits. Time was against the trade however so didnt hang around long.
great thanks...will have that in mind although i don't want it to act as an extra layer of filters that might leave me empty handed...but when they coincide it might be smart to increase risk as you mentioned

see ya tomorrow