YM Closed at 1 point below lower Stretch.....Hunter What does that mean?

Does that mean "don't bother going long" cuz we're still going down?

Ya know if the stretch fails after the open, its looking to be a good inverse trade....there's your inverse trade...but it was not 3,-1..but it was good for two 1.6,-1 if you know what I mean.
I guess so......
What an AH drain......100 points

The stretch is cool! There are a lot of machines trading this thing.
The 4.25% of the Stretch calculation (-20 points on 20 May) has been printing reversal points; and tonight, i.e., the early 25 May A session, was no exception. After the 996 contracts were sold, YMM1 futures declined another forty points to the print low, 12227.

Fading the 155 point decline from the 24 May last hour high, 12382, produced a reversal point. 4.25% of the Stretch = 157 points.