ES For A Few Months

I don't expect commitment in volume long until bullish sentiment sustains, and quite frankly, it probably never will from here. And if you have a stake in the matter besides more war pandering and more four-square Omni-Q's pushing well-established death taxes and old hands with Senate seats as if the entirety were some G_D damn video game, corporate and estate planning for the next generation of trust funds have first dibs. And that promise isn't there for them.

So wipe the smiles off of your face.

We're chopping from here to 1400, testing support in this area for a while. At least until bulls give up and old red makes worthy bear baiting news for the hydra to spin.

If this support making test long breaks. We're going to lose the blasted paper and those starved, snuffed and bled to death will be right there when war planners feed the shell the fund babies.
ok, so we are going up and down....that's the stock market for ya......embrace it or move on to a market that fits place for anger in trading...

My suggestion is that you start your own thread - dedicated to just your posts and topics...all in one thread....these seperate threads seem wasteful...

I go in peace...but why is this in setups and strategies ? In the words of my good pal Eyore ( yes from winnie the pooh)

"Words fail me !!"