Forum Flow Layout

We're experimenting with a new layout and more functionality in the forum which we've called Flow. Currently the forum functionality you will get will default to Classic. However, if you login and go to your profile and click the Edit Profile link you will see an option in the bottom right hand corner of your profile called View Type. Click on the drop down and change this to Flow and then click the big Submit button under the profile.

This will cause the layout of the forum topics to change to a single page and the other pages will be "pulled in" inline.

One of the advantages of the Flow layout is that you can have the forum automatically check to see if there are any new posts and to alert you if this happens.

Say I'm interested in watching the topic about the daily commentary on the ES found in this section of the forum:

I open the topic and just after the last post there's a message the reads "Click here to activate auto-checking for new replies."

Click on this message and the back ground will change color and a new message will be displayed: "Checking for new replies at regular intervals. Click here to stop."

When someone else posts to the forum then this message background will change color to green and the following message will appear: "There are new replies to this topic. Click here to retrieve them."

Clicking on the message will pull in any new replies that have been posted to the topic.
Very Cool..thank You
Today we switched the default layout of the forum to Flow. This means that if you are not logged in then you will see the new layout when reading topics.

If you don't like this new layout then you can switch back to Classic view. You do this by logging in and changing the preferences on your profile back to Classic as described at the beginning on this topic.
Another advantage of the Flow layout for the forums is that there is now a "quick reply" box at the bottom of the page (if you're logged in) so you don't have to leave the page to make a post.