Woodies Open

Seeing the MyPiv formula for Woodies Pivots, it calls for Today's Open.

However, on the Daily Notes for ES (for example) are listed the Pivots for the trading day after June 17 (which can be today). If Today has not opened, there is no Open value yet, so how can the values be calculated for Today?

Perhaps the formula actually uses the Open for the day just closed, which most would call the Prior Day's Open, since when vehicles open for the evening session, they are considered activity for the next calendar date.
Hi JimTru,

You are correct that one way of calculating Woodies pivots are to use the current day's open. However, when the Daily Notes are calculated soon after the end of the trading day the following day's open is (obviously) not available. For this reason we've stuck with the original formula of using the prices from the same day, in this case the previous day.

You can however, use the Pivot Point Calculator to plug in the figures after the open to get the levels that I think that you are looking for.