Do automated Forex trading systems work?

Hello guys,

This is Ricky Johnson a new guys just join to this community forum. Really I am very excited here to take part in discussions. I have been interested in the Forex currency trading system and was wondering if they really work? Can anyone have any inf0rmation....?? Please help!

Many thanks in advance.
Ricky Johnson
Welcom "Rickster" ... first a quick question ... ran across a posting on another site here:

It's a post from June of 2010. Also, there was a website addy that was at the end of the post:

[Admin Edit: Link removed - spam site]
(which is a promotional site for trader training etc.)

Just wanted to know where you're coming from. The reason being is that most folks on mypivots appreciate full disclosure for anyone who is not just a trader but also involved in any other type of promotion. Clearing the air in advance simply allows folks to interact here at an honest level. I'm simply giving ya a "heads up" to address anything like this in advance for a good experience in the mypivots community.

You may not be the same dude at all ... but just sharing this in advance, especially since that's what folks look at from a new member, first time poster. So, again, welcome and share!

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