How do I find archived/non-archived posts?

Is there a way to find all the past posts of a mypivots member? For instance, when I go to BruceM's profile, I see that he has posted 9,895 times. However, when I click on "Find all non-archived posts by BruceM," I see only three pages of past posts covering 24 different threads. I know that all 9,895 posts weren't posted in just those 24 threads.

So, is there any way to see the rest of the posts?

Yeah, I was wondering the exact same thing.. I am sure there is a way, but the question is: is this only for a moderator/administrator or could individual members find their own history, too?
At the top of this page is ... Home | Profile | Active Topics | Members | Search | FAQ ...

I go to active topics from time to time .. but I'am only going back a month or so ... hope this helps