When Is It Enough

Is it better that he's spending it or hoarding it? The money I'm talking about. He probably has his investments sorted out and it might be a good thing that the money is going back into the economy.
We never know what a person goes through to get to where they are weather living on the street or in a mansion ... they both have earned it ... I see nothing wrong with this mans success ...
I wish this kind of success on everyone ... maybe its not the boat
but what it may stand for .. "Look at ME"

I could be wrong, and if I am it will be the first time in my life and I won't know what to do ...
<--- you did see the wink right
I'am glad this guy didn't have his boat docked in northeastern Japan a while back ...
This is the type of boat the Norweigan police should have used to apprehend the shooter faster... in the news today I read it took them nearly an hour to get to that island near Oslo. Bizarre... If something like this happened in the USA, heads would roll...
(back on topic) WHEN IS IT ENOUGH? When ya bang out enough profitable trades to have a cool rustic home

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wood shack

A two-decker yacht

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And, of course, the winning numbers

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lotto ticket
All of which allows you to snag the hottest chick/guy in your neck of the twisted DNA woods ... it's all about family in the end!

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redneck marriage

Now THIS is "when it's enough" ... who wants/needs the markets after you've nailed down the elusive American Dream!