The Worst Is Yet To Come

I just clicked on the link and started watching it and then being the cynical and suspicious person I've become of slick silver haired presenters I fast-forwarded to the end. It's 42 minutes long and ends with an "invitation" to click a button where you can get your "free" copy of a junk report that you have to pay $4.95 in shipping costs for and provide your mailing and email address so that you can be spammed from here to eternity with other junk products that they have.

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Aftershock Survival Summit
What got my attention was the time line he mentioned concerning the dollar and debt .. 2013 .. I agree with you I didn't buy his book but he raised some good points .. you can delete this if you like
Can you summarize the points that he mentioned about the dollar and debt? Seems like a lot of time to spend to get about 2 minutes of information. Thanks.
This trader is not slick silver hair but he sounds just like him:

interview with the BBC