Forum search has been updated

If you want to search through posts on the forum only you can do so from here:

Until recently that search feature wasn't very good. It was slow and it had bugs etc. We have overhauled it and it is now much better, at least I think so.

Here is an example of how to search the forum. I elected to search for all mentions of "triples" between 1/1/2010 and 12/31/2010 written by BruceM.

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Forum Search Options

Here's the top of the results page. Each forum post that contains the search term in the subject or body will be shown in the results so you can read it there without having to go to the forum post. However, if you want to read it in context then click on the topic name and it will take you to that topic.

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Forum Search Results

Note that you can leave the search term or the member blank.

Tip: If you click on the start or end date you can quickly cycle through months in the calendars by using the Page Up or Page Down keys.

The search will return the first 200 results that it finds. You will need to narrow down you search if you're getting back 200 items.