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Ninja or Tradestation for emini-watch

As a new comer to this forum I would like to say hi to everyone and begin with asking your opinion on something.
I've only been in this game for 10 months and have been using a bought method on Ninja. Practised for a few months then paid a years subscription with Ninja just a month ago when I started to trade live. The method works up to a point but with only minimal profit.
I've been looking at the method promoted by Emini-watch. I've read some excelent reviews ( in fact I still have to find a bad one), the price isn't prohibitive, and I am considering buying it. I think it is going to take me at least 6 months of practise before I go live. However, all the vibes say use Tradestation. All the promotional videos etc. are Tradestation, so I don't know how well it will work on Ninja. I suspect the training manuals and videos will be for Tradestaion. As I understand it I would have to buy the method to suit one or the other. So, do I buy for Ninja, or do I open an account with Tradestation and buy for that? The method I am currently using can be applied to either platform.
If anyone has emini-watch I would be most grateful for their input
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