Taylor's Book (The Condensed Version)

First of all, hello. I'm a new loaded trader but have paper traded for more than a few years.

I've been in any number of strategies, most of which have done little more for me than a pop off a 1.75 scalp against the trend on a hunch in stalled momentum would do after a trap; which, by and large, is my bread and butter. I decided on Taylor's Book, in the end. But to say he's redundant, contradictory and unconvinced, is to put it mildly. Why Taylor then? Steidlmayer wouldn't have derived his claim to fame without him in my estimation. Taylor's simple, and it's replicable.

I thought before I go live with it, I'ld run how I use the information by you and see if you use it differently if you care to offer.

2 day range low to high rally. 2 day range high to low short-selling. 3 period running average of each. Range in points or percent of near misses and extensions. Rolling 3 period average of near misses and extensions. High of day made first, sell-off. Low of day made first, accumulation.

What did I miss if anything?

Thank you;

Cris M
Hi Cris, have you looked at the Taylor trading technique section of the forum here? Also Richbois website http://www.taylortradingtechnique.com/ in an interesting service that has a simplified ebook. I try to keep the type of day in mind to give me a bias on direction from 1 day to the next but do not hold anything overnight. I have not read any more on Taylor other than the ebook and the TTT section in the forum here, and like any theory, it can be used effectively to explain "why something happened" after the fact but more difficult to apply real time.
How are you planning to establish what day in the cycle when you start?
Good luck....