YMZ1, major & minor trend reversals, 1.618% Stretch, 28 Oct

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28 October: Trading YMZ1 (December $5 Dow) from unchanged, 12168, less 1.618% of the Stretch, 12168 - 76 = 12092. 12092 was the low print for 28 October. From 12092 YMZ1 traded in negative territory for most of the day (read: slowing upward momentum, sellers expected to increase conviction).

Technical Analysis: YMZ1 printed a benchmark high on 27 October followed by a first day of confirmation 28 October with a doji printing a narrow range printing mostly in negative territory throughout most of 28 October. If the A & B trading sessions for 31 October print a lower high, a lower low with a lower close (preferrably a higher open because that increases the tradeable probabilities, ... see: "Technical Analysis Characteristic Reliability Index,"), this price action will provide the second day of confirmation for the major trend reversal indicator, "Benchmark high," and the first day of confirmation for the minor trend reversal indicator. If both are confirmed, lower prices will be projected. Signed,
The Bear