Neurolinguistic Programing NLP

There is a program call NLP (Neurolinguistic Programing).
Looking in the dictionary, the word neurolinguistic: The branch of linguistics dealing with the relationship between language and the structure and functioning of the brain.

Back in the 70's Nasa need it a program to teach astronauts how to deal with their emotional reactions when waking in space (fear). Just imagine your self out there walking, OMG! your poor little A.. -- Yep, training is need it!

In order to overcome the fear, 6 months before the fly, the soon to be astronauts will train in a weightless chamber and get familiar with the environment, how to move, control their body and so on. Then after the training session, they have to seat down and close their eyes and imagine themselves in space walking and moving, just like they did in the chamber. This is NLP - They programmed their brain to the new environment . And it does work, they go out there and do an outstanding job!
Today, many professional athletes, actors, CEO's and traders use NLP. and see themselves doing what they want to do flawlessly.

Looking at charts is great, having a diary of your trades is great too, and adding NLP will help you improve your trading by at list 50%.

When you close your eyes and think about trading, the feeling should be of excitement, or at list, a feeling that you are good! You are going to accomplish your goal for the day, week, month and so on. (Providing you have a goal. A list a day goal). If you don't? - get one and be consistent. Same goal every day, then when you are good achieving that goal, increase it, and be consistent with the new number and so on. (Do not change numbers every day or it will not work!)

So, applying NLP, will be, seeing yourself accomplishing your daily goal, seeing yourself making flawless trades.-- "You", seeing yourself totally thankful and joyous for a great day!

If, by now you are saying -- "What? thankful and joyous?" what yer smoking man? ---- That means you got to start right now with NLP. -- Try it, give it about 2 weeks of consistently practicing that feeling of winning, Day after day, trade after trade. Making that trade flawlessly! Yea! Perfect entry and perfect exit! Wow babe! I'm hot! Yeeehaaa O.k, next! -----Awesome, perfect trade! flawless! that's 2 winning trades! Woa! NEXT! I'm hot babe! Feels good to be hot! Ok, next! Nice, just waiting until I see it....waiting....THERE! GO! GO! Nice! beautiful! entry! stay with it......stay with it....... move my stop to I'm in a free trade......stay with it.......move my stop up a bit......stay with it.....I can see the objective now.........stay with it.....HIT THE OBJECTIVE! OUT! Nice! I'm hot babe! I hit may daily goal! YEA BABE I'M HOT!!!!

Having a little bit of ego is Ok!
Nothing wrong with that in a competitive environment.---

Practice, practice, practice ......and you will find out how incredibly amazing your really are.......

The beauty of NLP, is that you can apply it to anything in life and it does work.