Something must be wrong...

Hi, guys!

Something must be wrong. I´m experimenting a new broker (just for CFDs).

Although I know that paper trading is completely different, in the last 6 days I made about €6000 just trading E-mini S&P500 and Dow!!! The broker allows a negotiation type of 1€ for each contract (E1 Contract) and has low spreads.

In spite of having €20.000 in the account demo, all my trades are based in the sum I intend to use in a future real money account (€7000).

I don´t even trade with L2, don´t use any specific plan. I just use support and resistance lines and scalping.

So, I must ask: something is going wrong. It can´t be that easy to make money trading these indexes...!

What do you think, guys?
Guys? Anyone?
Lupus, Everyone is a Billioner on a simulator.....
Any system can work marvelously for short periods of time. The true test is how it works over long periods of time and in different market conditions.
What is the primary difference between trading with a simulation account and trading with your own personal money on the line ? In my experience I have found there is no difference between the two, up until you take your first real money loss. After that awakening life event, you will find everything is different, one is illusion the other is real. The more of your hard earned money you lose trading, the more real the trading experience gets.

Second question: How well do you control risk in your practice trades ? Do you always have a rock solid exit strategy if the trade you took blows up in your face ? Do you always take that exit 100% of the time no matter what happens or how you feel about it ? (Well that's 3 questions but hopefully you get my drift...) If you cannot honestly look in the mirror and answer this (3 part) question with 100% honest certainty, then your not ready to go live.
Thanks for your answers, guys!

Well, let´s see:


Guess your right. The pressure is completely different.




Here goes:

Question 1: 2:4 (usually). I use stops, and the number of contracts I trade is between 50 to 100 (1 euro per contract).

Question 2: Yes.

Question 3: Yes, althought it bothers me to lose money and to know I was wrong. I still have to improve this last part.

I traded US Light Crude before, in another broker. I was in the beggining and I had a loss of about €900, after the first year of trading.