sq nines, primes and Bruce's fib grids.

The other thread was locked maybe guy will forgive me? Just wanted to say that was a great topic Bruce. They work well with sq nine 1208, 1225 and 1243 and the infamous 1261.

Most want trade these numbers, because there too simple. I also have heard lewis say he uses these numbers. Gann wrote about them in his "How to profit in commodities" the 1/8ths of $1 or $100 on page 31 or 37.
Hi Joe,

I had that thread locked because I didn't want it to become a daily signal/trade posting thread. So I deleted some comments including my own to remove any distractions from the numbers. I am going to copy your posted comments there as I feel they go well with the thread. I will send an email to DT to unlock the thread from here and will do my best to keep it on topic.
DATED sq 9 numbers for Monday 11-22-2011 only.

The 18 and the 6.25 and 25 were nice to us today 18. was nice on that one min spike in Vol 18 75
as at the LV then from today