Looking for a trading system

I've been looking for a trading system which will show you the shares buying/selling from different investors in the market at the moment. I saw that one time in the show "Wall street Warriors" and I was wondering how those day traders can find out there is a let's say 15,000 shares buying of a stock at the moment. Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance for any help.
Hi there,

Most direct-access platforms will show you all possible Level-2 details. That said, you won't be able to do anything useful with that information because it is available to a million other traders, too, and all too often the orders are fake, just bait to get people go in that direction then stop them.

Trading is very competitive ... I suspect it is the most difficult way of making a living - at least for most people. If you are just new to it, it might be good starting with reading a few (good) books ...

... start with Ken Fisher's "The Only Three Questions that Count" - it is more about investing than it is about trading, but those 3 questions should be eye openers anyway!

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Has anyone heard of Rod Kuusinen of rsksys.com? He uses a system to track ES Mini's. I have been following him for about 3 months and still on the fence if it's right for me.

Dom is 100% right. Forget watching order flow. It is often just bait to fake you out. Especially before or after regular market hours. Might even be a team of traders working together. You'll never find out. Ever!