Charting Package and Broker Questions

Hi there

It has been a long time since I have thought about trading eminis.
I did so (unprofitably a long time ago)
I have since spent years in the forex world, and am considering again having another look at trading eminis

Is there a charting package where I can demo trade?
What would be a recommended charting package?

What would be a recommended broker?

The system I use for forex trading is basically multi time frame trading (seeing what the trend is on the 4 hour chart and then going to smaller time frames (15 minutes) and trading in the same direction)

I am wondering if this would work for emini trading?

Thanks in advance for any answers.

You could start by reading the Broker Reviews and Software Reviews to get an idea about brokers and charting packages.
I think Strategy Runner and Trade Ninja have 1-2 week demo programs.
Sierra Charts has great studies for futures,the volume studies are outstanding, if you trade w Infinity or Transact the data is free & you have sim anytime. Sierra Ch also has user contributed studies, some of the senior user wizards write code & add studies to Sierra Ch. The link below is a study John wrote for me a few months ago. Market Delta & TTM sell this for $500, it's free w Sierra Charts & is probably the most powerful tool I use.
yes thinkorswim has a great package..