YMH2, (3, -1) formula, Stretch profits, 6 January 2012

6 January March $5 Dow futures (YMH2), (3, -1) formula, 1.618% Stretch.... Basis intra-day trading YMH2 and applying the (3, -1) formula to fading from unchanged at 1.618% of the Stretch calculation, ... the low, 12282, which is two points above the 1.618% of the Stretch (unchanged - 1.618% Stretch = 12331 - 51 = 12280) price measurement objective as measured below unchanged. 12282 held for four successive minutes before reversing up from this first 1.618% Stretch move below unchanged. This satisfied the (-1) aspect of (3, -1). [12331 - 51 = 12280 = (-1) of (3, -1)].... 12282 + 32 + 32 + 32 = 12378, i.e., (3) of (3, -1). This satisfied the (3, -1) formula with 96 points profit objective achieved. +96 points = $480 per contract = +96% profit basis $500 intra-day margin. $ ;-)
Stretch = 32
1.618% Stretch = 51
12331 - 51 = 12280 (12282 low)
12282 + 32 + 32 + 32 = 12378
(3, -1) price measuring objective achieved!
hey hunter,

still not sure what the point is to take the time to post this after the fact?

were you live real-time at midnight eastern time to recognize the YM was reversing 2 ticks above your target on 20 contracts of 5 minute volume and then just put your limit order in?

i understand your concepts but feel this is useless after the fact. If you are live, why not post real time with stops and targets. Per your notes, this can do a (3,-1) (2,-1) (1,-1) etc so only once it's finished can you tell which formula to follow.

if you'd like to post after the fact, please don't post what if contract $ gains if you bottom ticked the market. this doesn't help anyone.

I trade for noone but myself. All I am offering is an education.
The (21:06, 21:07, 21:08 and 21:09 Pacific Daylight Time) 12282 low basing pattern, ... (3, -1) was followed by -4.25% which was followed by a 50% bounce.
This is not a Fibonacci sequence! The trending formula,(3, -1) has a counter part, i.e., the counter trending formula, ... (3, -1), (3, -2) and (3, -3). Quote accurately, or don't quote.
That's the problem, there's 100 different sequences and you can't tell which one is used until after the fact. The only reason Im posting is to uphold this great site. This is one of the if not the best and most informative site I've come across and the reason no one else responds to your posts is because they are too busy offering great pieces of informative information. I guess all I ask is you stop posting your stretch stuff, if its for education, I think you've posted enough about it. You discredit this board and all it stands for continuing to post after the fact trades. If its all for education, please remove profit figures or what ifs, use your stretch calculations and how to interpret each one and looks for these reversal areas, but not for trades. If its for education, then keep it for that.

To everyone else, if im out of line, im sorry.

Hunter, thanks for all the educational information, just a fellow traders opinion, no disrespect intended