Nite trading KOSPI (& HSI?)

Hey there,

I've recently started nite trading and have been watching KOSPI and HSI as potential instruments to trade (futures contracts). (Well ok KOSPI more than HSI, as HSI can move like a beast). Could also trade ES but I find it too slow at night. I'd love to connect with other day/nite traders online and chat "live" while we watch the markets, discuss trading strategies, try and call the market and also call out our trades so we can improve our trading skills and see what generally works / doesn't work. If we got a small group together, we could even consider setting up a simple "live" chatroom.
In for discussion.
I am in for discussion.
Hi all,

I have been trading HSI futures for 5 years during daytime as I am from Hong Kong. Hope we can share our trading experience.
Hi guys,

Moving back to Asia soon. Also looking to continue trading futures (been trading all things Eurex so far). Question, which HK futures is good for trading, what about their mini versions.

Does anyone have good data (tick/min) for any Asian futures, willing to swop!
Both HSI futures and HHI futures have mini versions, with HSI and HHI futures HK$50 per point while mini is HK$10/point. As HSI futures is very volatile compared with ES, stops should be placed at wider range.