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Need an Historical Chart

of the Russell for Feb. 3rd, 2006. Either a 1,2,3, or 5 Minute, OR about a 500 Tick chart.
How can I get this? I'm trying to figure out this method:

Let me give you a visual example so you will understand better.
Open the ER2H06 chart with 500 ticks for Friday Feb 3 2006.
Draw 4 lines in purple color to identify that this lines are yesterday’s (Feb 2 2006) open, high low and close. So we had lines:
High at 738.20 ( can't see on the attached picture)
Low at 723.80
Open at 737.10 ( can't see on the attached picture)
Close at 727.60

Now up to 10:30 exchange time I had the following peaks and valleys:
728.60 at approximately 08.45am which was a high
722.80 at approximately 09:01am which was a low at that time
725.80 at approximately 09:15am which was an intermediate
722.00 at approximately 09: 38am which was a new low
725.20 at approximately 09:54am which was another intermediate
What I am looking for is a non clustered area
When I look at 10:30am, the lines I had a fairly large empty space was between the 725.80 line and the 727.60 (which happened to be the line of the close of yesterday).
Now you need a little cushion to make sure that this support/resistance will be well penetrated.
So I always add 0.30 points to the line number 725.80 + 0.30 = 726.10
I immediately placed on the matrix window 20 contracts at buy stop 726.10
I also immediately put a limit order at 726.10 + 0.50 = 726.60. As soon as I got filled I places my stop loss at -10 from the line below my entry line which was the 725.20 lines so my stop loss was at 725.10 (I don’t know how to use these new OCO/OSO orders

I got filled at 10:35am and got out at 10:37am less than 2 minutes.

Profit was 20 X 50 = $1000.00 less $100 commission (That trade happened to have no slippage, but expect slippage)
$900 for me is a very good income. I then went to visit a friend and enjoy the rest of the day quietly. My risk at 725.10 was a little bigger than I had hope but trading has its risks.

From you description it looks like you already have the data from Feb. 3rd, 2006. Why don't you use something like Excel to create the chart for you?
Don't have Excel, nor the first clue where to start.
But thanks for the Info.
It looks very complicated.These really viable?
Hi all, I am trying to get e-mini S&P500 1 min data for the past 6 months. Where could I find reliable historical data for the past 6 months? Thanks a lot.
If you want to view the historical forex charts and data then kindly visit this link <redacted>
Originally posted by sujii

Hi all, I am trying to get e-mini S&P500 1 min data for the past 6 months. Where could I find reliable historical data for the past 6 months? Thanks a lot.

you can try the website of tradingview
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