Win a copy of Pit Bull by Martin Schwartz

Jack Schwager: When did you turn from a loser to a winner?

Martin Schwartz: When I was able to separate my ego needs from making money. When I was able to accept being wrong. Before, admitting I was wrong was more upsetting than losing the money. I used to try to will things to happen. I figured it out, therefore it can't be wrong. When I became a winner, I said, "I figured it out, but if I'm wrong, I'm getting the hell out, because I want to save my money and go on to the next trade." By living the philosophy that my winners are always in front of me, it is not so painful to take a loss. If I make a mistake, so what!

We are running a competition to win a copy of Martin Schwartz’s Pit Bull. The competition runs from now until the end of day (11:59pm) tomorrow (19/March/2012 EST).

The trader who gets the most number of net up-votes in the daily ES trading topic for 19/March/2012 will get the book. There are two (2) books to be given away. The first is to an established forum poster, someone who has already participated in our forums and has 50 or more reputation points. The second will be given to the trader who starts off with less than 50 reputation points.

Notes and rules:
  • Only posts made on the 18th and 19th March 2012 (EST) will be counted.
  • Only posts made in the Daily ES trading topic will be counted.
  • Both negative and positive votes will be added so don’t make banal "I hope I win the book" type of posts because you may get voted down for this. Make sure that your post adds value to the conversation. Remember that intelligent questions can be voted up.
  • All times are United States Eastern Summer Time.
  • You must be prepared to be treated like a hero by your fellow traders and not be ashamed of being famous if you win.
  • If you win the a copy of the book and you already have it (I know that BruceM already has a copy of Pit Bull) then you can put it back in the pot for the next highest winner in your category.