Where S&P500 may go

According to Jim's and Scott Carney's books if we take the 6.05.2011 (on the week scale, e.g. from Google Finance) bar as point 0, 07.10.2011 bar as point A, 28.10.2011 bar as point B, 25.11.2011 bar as point C, then the bar D should be at least at 1534 or somewhere between 1522 - 1534. 1522 is the 0.941 internal retracement of 1576 peak from 12.10.2007 high and 666.79 6.03.2009 low. Point 1534 is 1.272 extension of 0A arm from point C. Thus, time will tell if the theory is correct. The range seems incredible far, but taking into account the possibility of euphoria it doesn't seem to be that overoptimistic. The whole 0ABCD pattern might be considered as bearish butterfly, the B point is at 0,753 (0.685^(0.75)) internal retracement of 0A.
Little correction to post: there should be stated "in the middle" 1518-1534. 1518 is the 1.5 extension of 0A leg from the 1074 low. Another PTA is a bit lower at around of 1470, that is at 0.886 internal retracement of the 1576 high and 666.79 low and with the same 0ABCD pattern (probably bearish butterfly).
And one thing more: when. Applying time analysis from Robert Miner's book we can get time either now this or next week (little probability) or in about five weeks (much more probable). As a rule one should observe the index very carefully as of this week. Because the analysis is based rather on statistics than strict laws therefore this remark should be kept in mind.
I've been after the Kane folks for years to post some things here ahead of time. It's never been done and the ideas Jim said he was going to post to the forum about a year ago or maybe more ( I'd have to check) never came through but yet the website is still up and the private forum for paid students is still active.

To say I am disappointed and feel betrayed is an understatement. With that said lets pretend we get long today for that upper target you mentioned. Where is the stop if we are wrong ? When would you take profits and will you come back and update this post if you are wrong?

I think I speak for many when I say we are looking for usable information and I think it would be great if one of the Kane players stepped up for a change.

So lets follow this step by step for all to see. For now I'd like to know about your stop placement. Lets assume we got long on Yesterdays close or todays open in the SPX. Pick one and tell us where the trailed stop would be now.


It wasn't my intention to post that exact post, that is concernig trade management, but I can try to do that. You can trade corssing S&P500 with 10 period simple moving average as you trailing stop or the bottom of the last long candle in case of huge pop. Try to trade the 30 min picture. I would do that, but I don't because S&P500 I an auxiliary index to my trade. And only that information is useful for my trade. At this moment I would wait for a small correction and then I would buy long S&P 500 contracts.