My drawdown sank sank my account. of course like many overnight margins while conservative concerning possibly assuming physical delivery, it simply just wasn't attractive to me. 2:1 at one lot, some 16,000 US for 1000 US a week in good times trading ES is a sucker's bet, one. Two: day trading future indices save in instances of bezerk volatility from stop runs is becomming a thing of the past. Overnight trades while one way, they're short-lived and neutralized by the time you wake up. Opening a position at the close, gives me indigestion. Ulcers shouldn't be a factor if aiming for Chicago's Northshore.

So, I'm in M6E. Until I can master paint-dry position trades, I'm staying clear of bluechips, gas and oil. By and large, market activity is neutral to bear and has been for nearly fifteen years. But specifically, all stop placement for support is tested and failed. When I can isolate which country has a strangle-hold on our markets, their FX is the zero-sum hedge. The trick then is to find out their emerging market hedge and f*ing wreck-ball it.

I'm pikin'.