"The Stretch"

I am new to this website. I have an interest in the "stretch" as posted in the daily notes. I have read a couple of articles by Crabel and I think that I understand the concept of the stretch. The question I have is where the stretch, in the daily notes, is applied. Crabel applied the stretch amount to the open of the pit sessions each day. He also discussed the stretch from the first 5 minute bar after the open or the first 15 minute bar, etc. Can someone let me know where the stretch, that is listed in the daily notes, is calculated from. I will list some possibilities as I understand them.
1) The P.M. open price in futures(5 p.m. CST)
2) The Midnight open price (new calendar day)
3) The pit open price (Currency futures at 7:20 CST)
4) The 8:30 CST open price (E-Mini)
5) The first 5 minute bar after the pit open etc.
The stretch would be different for all the items above.
Can someone help me determine where to use the stretch that is being posted in the daily notes? My thoughts are that the stretch shown on this website is calculated based on the OHLC that are shown on the daily numbers that are given. Can someone let me know for sure?

I may have posted this question in the wrong location, please forgive.

Thank you,

I apologize for taking your time. I have found the answer to my question. The answer is that the stretch shown in the daily notes applies to the p.m. opening prices in evening session, at least for the Bond futures. Thanks