Hi All

Please let me know if This DT PRO software give buy/sell signal. Also is it available for sale & what is the price & payment method, etc..

Reply ASAP
Hi Mayur - DT PRO is trading platform available through Daniel's Trading (from what I can work out) and not available from this site. If you're looking for indicators then you could look at the MyPivots Indicators which run on eSignal. Otherwise give us some more information about what you're trying to achieve.
dtPro is available through Daniels Trading. I have used it for several years and it is the platform that I recommend. One thing unique about dtPro is that as a client, you pay no platform fees or data fees and you have access to all futures contracts including currency futures as well as all forex pairs.

The platform itself does not issue buy/sell signals. There are indicators available for use with dtPro however, that do offer what you are looking for.

In the interest of full disclosure I do have a business relationship with Daniels Trading and I myself am a vendor. You can take a free trial of their platform and indicators by calling Burt or Leslie direct @ 866-928-3310.

I am not posting a link as I am not sure of the rules regarding such posts on this forum. If the posting of their telephone number runs afoul of any rules I request that the moderator of this thread please delete my post and notify me by email or private message.

The last thing I want to do is "spam up" My Pivots, which I believe to be a high quality and informative resource on the web.