200 R a day

My brother showed me day trading while I visited him a year and a half ago. I quit my job of 17 years took my savings and moved 2000 miles away to where he lives. We took pristine course and one on one coaching.

Up until three months ago my brother did not allow me to place any trades. His thinking was not to create any bad habits that would get in the way later. Also he had me live in my vehicle "feel the pain" so I would focus. (Sounds like bad karate movie)

3 months ago I finally started trading. I'm very good. I run tight stops on high volume stocks using 1 minute / 3 minute charts in morning. Everything I do with entry&exit is different than I was taught however everything else is pure technical analysis without all these silly indicators other than my faithful simple moving averages.
Bottom line is to date I have not missed a trade and I take 20-30 a day.or
This has all been practice. I need a partner because I have no cash I have joined a proprietary trading company (bsi capital) interested?
Can't your brother lend you the money? What happened to him? And where did all your savings go?
In short, my wife has medical issues. She stayed in Oregon while I have been on
this quest. No money left. I came back a week ago and have been gettin g investors for a 10 business day run.

Have 5 people so far at $1000 each. I still own coffee shop at the VA Hospital and would be willing to use it as collateral.

As for my brother we talk almost every day. It ha been a long road since I actually started pushing buttecause of my timing on entry and exits it conflicts with our training. My brother has been reluctant to admit that the Pristine method could be improved on even after sitting side by side with me every morning and seeing a hundred plus R before the doldrums while he has the Pristine 1 R goal or negative.

About a month ago he finally told me he would probably end up trading my style.....I told him welcome to the dark side.
I wrote down into words all the pictures in my head and he
Is trying to figure why they work (very analytical) He also joined Pristine black room which you are on a 4 year plan starting out with $5 trades????? Not for me.

As far as asking him for money. Not necessary I will get funds and he will get one awesome return on his investment in me.
More than anything I posted this in hopes of finding a like minded trader or at least one willing to listen. I'm finding that those who trade are so stuck in their habits that it impossible to have an objective conversation I'm glade I knew nothing when I started training.

Like I told my brother once I'd rather be wrong and have all these R in front of me than be right and be negative 1
The time hardened traders in this forum are unlikely to entertain even a conversation with you unless you are able to demonstrate some ability.

How about posting some trades in the forum in real time. i.e. before you enter the trade let everyone know where you are going to enter, your stops and targets etc. so that your skill can be judged...

If I understand you correctly you have been taking practice trades for 3 months now but none with real money and you are now looking for people to bankroll an account for you so that you can start trading live.

I have more to add to this but the direction I take depends upon whether or not I have your story straight.
Good points I'll give you my most basic trade. It will be taken at 1 minute 1 second into the session using candlesticks. I will not be by a computer only my phone and Finvz live charts so I'll have to tell you what to ahead of time during pre market since finviz does not have a 1 minute chart

This is exciting:))
I have zero pre market data so..
.Adsk long with r opens .05 stop if pre market gap up buy on second 1 minute bar opens green follow 3 minute chart until first violation
Originally posted by iamsam4uI'll have to tell you what to ahead of time during pre market since finviz does not have a 1 minute chart

Nice job getting in under the wire.
Obviously no pre market gap. I'll be at computer in morning and well have some fun. By the way got
funding and wire it today. Guess its OK to tell now the rest of story...never missed stock that triggers.

Watch list qihu cbst aeo aem gdxj dis ge gig jp msft
Orcl pfe sti expr

First time ever had issue with finvis
Sound like lame excuse I know