ES Thursday 8-23-2012

NO food truck again? Im hungry
06 support 11.5 MY PIVOT 21.25 res
holding inside value area for the moment waiting on news. I have support at 1400-98 and resistance up at 13-15.50 for what its worth. Sellers finally look like they may have started to gain control atleast the last couple of i finished typing price trading below VAL
I changed the date on the topic from 8-20 to 8-23. @rburns - you and I have different calendars
Price hiding inside today's IB...very unusual 5% chance it stays there.
01.50 lod say it ain't so
Originally posted by bbrad63

01.50 lod say it ain't so

Nope ... hit your 1400-1398 support zone ... LOD 98.00 ... nice read and hope ya at least got a bounce scalp outta that 'un mister!
my support zone 1400.75 + 1394.25/2= 1397.50 ... I look for mid points ..