ES 10-09-12

should have started this earlier but not going to copy comments over from is how i am playing this developing HVN node in this 39 area.

I've been doing some cool live experiments for the past month or so with these short term options. I don't know if this one will work or fail but you can follow along if you wish. If you have any questions, ideas or option advice then please let me know. I prefer to buy these slightly out of the money as they are cheap....LIKE ME !!!

No video below? Try this link: options.swf

one thing that is nice about the options is that we can keep them on longer than we can an ES futures trade when we are stuck near these big VPOCS.

below here is 1433.75 - 1435 for one last support point
i added into these calls at 38 cents so average is now 40 cents. these options allow me to hold for bigger probabilities. this is not a "daytrading" options play. I can hold these overnight and the most i can lose is 86 cents..that $86 per contract at risk...not bad and no worries if the market continues to sell off overnight

if all goes to plan then when the ES hits back into 1444 ( if it does) then these options will be worth about 80 cents each.