ES 11-1-12

ES at key upper zone for me for fade,...the 1422.50 - above is 28 - 29 but expecting some down rotation from here

19.50 - 19.75 is my magnet below ..we can't trend up forever so will also watch trade above the 90 minute highs too....that creates more single prints if they continue to push it
the low volume spots on todays chart are at 19.50, 17.50 and 14.25...keep on the radar and also go back and see which RTH highs and key areas they match up with for fun
runners trying for 17.75 if lucky...vpoc just shifted down so hopefully that is good for our shorts
look at mini bell curve from 10-25 and look at price of 1419.25...buyers really want to hold above that and us sellers need to take it over!! so they broke through that today and created low volume....they came back down to test it twice..

I'd like to see the third test down fail so runners can win .... not looking like that yet ..watching hour high closely up here
ahh..they beat my runners out....with new highs I'd expect a push into that peak volume of 25.25 and possibly that 27.75 - 28 above that
I was so busy thinking that they 25.25 would hit that I missed the short signal above the 90 minute it seems likely that 19.50 will reprint and speaker on at 12:30 EST..

Was never good at being a reed in the is really not a thinking persons game although we like to think it is to justify our existence...point is I should have just taken the signals and not thought about it too much
I'm an over thinker also Bruce, just taking signals without over thinking the trade is tough to overcome as a descretionary trader. All part of a solid trading plan right?
Trade what you see not what you think...
well said sharks..this is shaping up to be the "P" profile so far would imply something different if we consolidated and then broke out higher today but we had the break away first from the open and then the long trades for me....

damn !! I'm thinking again...I guess the thinking part helps us put things in context sometimes as i don't want to take all these delta flips in the middle of ranges...

expecting 19 to be run out again and lower in that 17 area still

I wonder who wants to buy in front of tomorrows report now ?

Still thinking...