Trading advisory services

Been trading since 1978. Currently trade Futs, Options and Forex in decent size for a retail client. So...that said, it's the old axe, those that that can't... publish advisory services...There is no edge to be had, do your homework boyz and girlz. Learn to trade the tape (price).
Beg to differ. I ran across a service that lets you choose from about 14 picks and you get to get in early before any movement has taken place.

The support is second to none as you are kept informed of movement changes constantly.

The service offers a large variety of ways to play your positions and you can even hedge your position in a multitude of ways.

They offer outstanding fundamental analysis showing you every aspect of past performance. And have a tier system rewarding the top three performers.

And you don't have to worry about missing an opportunity as they offer several throughout the day.

You can learn more about this fantastic opportunity here:
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You can learn more about this fantastic opportunity here:

I don't think you were entirely serious :)
He's serious as a heart attack ... has been a racing jockey for over 20 years. Four foot two and mean as a rattlesnake. He even scalps the ES on his smart phone after the last turn coming into the stretch and bangs out (usually with a profit) just before crossing the wire! And that's wearing chaps on a pinto pony up against quarter horses! Amazing!