ES 11-29-12

what I'm looking at today..
No video below? Try this link: final_thursday.swf

Thanks Bruce, always appreciated
a classic today..the plus 4 number to break the O/N high into that 18 area,,,,do we need anything else ?
watch that 11.50 if it prints !! ..old gap as per video
the pitbull window closes when we go 2.5 points above and below the those trades are 4 news and good luck today if u stay to play
sellers want to keep this outside the lows of 11-6 in order to eventually get a gap fill and new lows...great examples today of key ranges...look at the highs of 11-7 too...buyesr battling to keep it ABOVE there.....beautiful !
Thanks for the video.

A picture is worth a thousand words. And to see you reference PA from back on 11/6 offered a terrific perspective (that worked)