low volume at 1438.50 - 1440

looking for sells up there
looking to sell 25 - 26.50 as per march contract ...more time needs to be spent at 22.75 so that is target
we need to bust through vwap now in order to try and hold for the hour range low, the On low and YD low..the buyers want vwap to hold in order to get the hour high and the O/N high..classic battle fought out with runners only now
Very High % the O/N Hi or Low is broken in the RTH session(June), We shall see....
Dec contract sorry
Bruce is working his magic again
that is a 95 % probability as per Dr. Brett 5 years ago....Ft71 now tells everyone it is 96 % so pick one you like ...

85 % of the time we break a rth high or low and an hour high or low is way up there too in terms of probability
Thanks Bruce
that was over for me at 17.75 per march but I was trading December still...

rth vwap is a nice divider line when trying to trade for the 85% rth range violation probability...same concept happened yesterday as they traded towards vwap first but then broke the RTH high..

look how the plus and minus 4 - 5.5 zones worked both days..the pitbull zones always work better when we are inside the previous days range
double lows at 16.75 with tuesdays low in case some are still playing in here...not a great way to put in a good longer term low !