Matt Cutts - Be a bit sceptical

This is a great video about much of the spam that you see in your inbox to promote your website to #1 on Google search results - this really has nothing to do with trading.

Matt Cutts, does however, draw a very interesting analogy using a Wall Street example in this video:

"...if I were to come to you and say that I have a foolproof money back guaranteed idiot proof way to make money on Wall Street you just give me $500/year or $500/month or $99 and I will guarantee that you will make money on Wall Street. How would you react to that? You'd probably be a little skeptical right? You'd think well there's no such thing as a free lunch, and I think that's the right reaction because if there were a guaranteed way to make money on Wall Street you'd use that to make money on Wall Street rather than selling that technique to other people who hope to make money on Wall Street..."