a few weeks ago I had the pleasure of sitting in with Ray and this room for a week or so. I was very impressed so I think it deserves a mini commercial here.

I think most market and volume profile traders will get a lot from this room. Ray is very knowledgable and seems happy to answer questions. You can see his charts and if you have followed the ES day trading threads then this room will be a good fit even if you only need some fine tuning.

One thing that is nice is that he doesnot overtrade and has a clear plan and levels to work from. Much of what he does is a lot like Futurestrader71 so if you like that work then you will enjoy this trading room

here is his stocktwits link


then go to the video link if you want some good free information and an overview of his approach. I am not compensated for writing this and just want to pass along some information on one of the good guys.

the website is www.riskcap.net

It would be great to have feedback here for anyone who tries out the room. He offers a trial.