Is this broker really a good deal?

Hello. I am pretty new to day trading, so I want to make sure that I don't do anything stupid. I was looking around for good spots to open an account, and I stumbled across [spam redacted]. It looks like they are offering a pretty good deal compared to an etrade or ameritrade, but do you guys think this is legitimate? If what they are saying is true it looks like the only downside is that I would have to get my series 56. But I already have a series 7 anyway so I am not too worried about that. Any opinions?
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I am pretty new to day trading

I already have a series 7

Anyone???....Anyone at All???
Not sure what broker he meant but series 7 is more of a wealth management license. Not sure it really pertains to day trading.
what is this Series 7? I am pretty new to day trading
Plz help me by providing me a good broker. before I am only playing forex games in a skill based platform and is very interesting by challenging your friends in the tournament game.

i had bad experience with my first broker few years ago. With the help of my good friend i found this