ES Tues Jan 8, 2013

Come on.

Can't somebody post something here?

It's gotten so quiet I am thinki9ng about joining a "pay for" chat room.

Today is a like a coiled spring. (Springs can stay coiled for more than a couple of days, but they don't don't so it very often.)

sorry, I had stop in the middle of my comment to trade for the gap fill. Cheap trade, EZ, but small change... I was happy to simply hit the sell button once the Low of the 5 minute bar concluding at 4:00pm yesterday was tagged. (when 1455.50 printed, I hit the sell button closing my long)

Is this thing going to test both H and L from yesterday?

Here's one pattern I look for after a tight range day with a relatively natural looking bell curve... If one end of the range is tested (L or H from yesterday) and price reverses, How Far does price move toward the other end of the range? if Price stops half way to the other end of the previous day's range and turns around, critical to observe PA at a re-visit of the the edge of the range that coincided with the 'about face.'

So far today, RTH prices haven't hit either of yesterday's (RTH) puny price extremes.

I don't know what to think.