Samadams' Hurst Cycles Trade Setups

I will periodically post here some urgent trade setups that I see.
The first is definitely EURUSD for Early March. Take a look at my analysis and go to my blog for past setups as well as others I dont have time to post all of them.

The Euro is ready for a long in the next 10 days. The pair is currently undergoing a nice and long correction which is either the second half of the 80 Day Cycle or the end of a 40 day cycle. Either way there is a good trade setting up that could quite possibly be a long out of the 40 week trough.

Of course this may mean that confirmation will be hazy but with the FLD interaction that we expect, it is more than likely going to be a smooth break for the long transaction. I personally dont think this trade will be available until first of second week of March.

March EURUSD Long Trade
We will have to see what commonality the pair exhibits as stocks make their way into a major trough over the next couple months.

Additionally one can see that EURUSD seems to respect the 40 Day FLD as a trend change confirming tool.
A trade with less transaction risk as Hurst termed it would be to wait for the 40 Day FLD break to the upside. However that would entail a larger potential risk and probably less profit potential.

40 Day FLD as confirmation of 40 Week Trough