Short Term - High Return Online Trading

Hello everybody! I’m hoping that somebody may be able to provide some feedback on short term / high return online trading. I’m currently working on a term project titled “Short Term - High Return Online Trading”.

The objective of the project is to identify online trading opportunities of any type that have the potential to provide substantial returns in the short term. I am starting with $5000 (real cash) and I need to make a minimum of 100 trades in 3 months.

My bankroll and returns can all be used in any way that I choose as long as all trades are justified and documented. We are being encouraged to diversify our portfolio with some unique hybrid type investments.

I am currently looking at a few websites that offer “Binary Options”. Does anybody have an opinion on online binary options trading? What are the best binary options websites?

I am looking forward to, and would greatly appreciate any feedback/ suggestions/ strategies/ advice/ comments/ etc.

What institution is giving you this assignment?

Can you clarify "Short Term/High Return"? Do you mean that the 3 month span of your project defines Short Term or do you mean trades of shorter duration like minutes, hours, days, seconds is what is meant by Short Term? Is "High Return" the measure of your final results after 3 months or is it meaning that trades you take have to have a high reward vs. risk element to them? Example: You cannot take a trade that has only a 1 to 1 risk reward ratio.

What does "justified" mean?

Binary Options is Gambling NOT Trading so I don't think they qualify for your assignment even as a hybrid investment.

What experience do you have so far that may help someone provide you with some suggestions. There would be no sense in recommending a tactic that is foreign to you.