6J (Yen) Daily Notes

Just doing a sanity check since the yen is moving quite a bit these days. The daily notes seems to be off quite a bit from where it is trading at or am i missing something?

For example the mypivots OHLC data for 13-may-2013 = 0.9830, 0.9852, 0.9790, 0.9811 whilst the live data, as seen on Ninjatrader shows the 6J june contract trading at 0.009863 as i watch it 7:32 pm cst 13-may-2013.

So something appears to be 100x off.

Answer =

1) Yes
2) No
3) your're crazy so STFU

Thanks in advance.
Not sure Paul - you're right that there seem to be a mixed set of quotes out there. Half the prices quoted on the sites out there appear to be the same as CME Japanese Yen Futures June 2013 and the others are 100x different.
So does this ever get fixed?
Well we're not sure which ones are the correct ones. In the meantime because it is 100x then that's easy math for you to apply.
True enough and i've done that. Sorry if i sounded harsh before i was multitasking at the time.