ES 5-16-13

My basic ideas for for the range projection if they open in Value..take 90 - 100% of yesterdays range and add to a POTENTIAL swing low or subtract from a potential swing high to come up with another confluence area
No video below? Try this link: Thursday_5-16.swf

the range projection ideas are usually put into play AFTER the first 90 minutes of trade...from then forward
for the more aggressive out there..u can use the post reactionreport swing as per Dr a more aggressive trader would get long once we take out that swing low post report at 50.75...and also use that swing high which is the On high up near the 57...

that fits well because our magnet price LVn at 53.75 is right in the middle of those
so nice when they play fair.....had a few emails regarding the pitbull mostly just confirms the areas...see how the plus 4 - 5.5 area confirmed our 57 sell point..?

trying to hold a runner for 50.75 swing test....back of my mind I know that 53 area is still the magnet...the greedy players will try to get it down to the otherside of yesterdays VA.....that's greedy but hope it goes if ya got the ammo
interesting day as I had a feeling they wanted to spend time filling in that low volume area that was inside yesterdays Value's just a sloppy profile and to borrow from Dalton - "that needs to be repaired"

the billion dollar question seems to be "How much time needs to spend in there to fix it ?" sure wish I knew

I think combining today and yesterday into one gives a nice visual since we are inside the range and value of Thursday can see what is fair and what is low or high value
a great example today of why it pays to play at extremes if you must play while price is stuck inside the IB.

that double high against the selling tail from yesterday doesn't seem to imply that anyone was in a rush today to get short off that zone..

I think as long as we stay above the 52 - 53.75 area then they may go to run that out but there is no good place to get long...we are stuck inside the IB from yesterday and the IB from's just too crowded in here and no good edge

here is a quick review I just did for those looking to refine their skills.