ES Wednesday 8-7-13

here are my lines.....magnet for me will be 1690.50. ..I'd prefer to see a drop down first...ideally near 1687.50 but we may not get that get long for the magnet test

these lines are the ideal zones for me.....hoping to only get the one trade idea early on as I still have visitors and don't want to play too long in the summer anyway...

so will probably go in lite after 9 a.m and work harder near 9:30 open..

good luck today
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my revised plan is to buy under the On lows and use 87.50 as the magnet...otherwise I will need to see price get back above 87.50 first before getting long and to use that 90.50 magnet
I'd like to see them keep this above 87 even in order for us to get our target...more aggressive traders bought near that On low

it's always best to have some movement in price after we open before inititaiating....this way we can see some slow down in price before we try fades