New Format and Colors

As you may have noticed we have a new color scheme and layout. We will be building on this to make the forum and the site more intuitive and easier to use. For example, the site now looks much better on smaller devices like tablets and smart phones.

We have thousands of traders come to our site each day and not everyone is going to like the new layout and many of you will have other suggestions about the site that you want to voice an opinion on. To that end there's a "Feedback & Support" button on the right hand side of each page. Clicking on this will bring up a dialog box and allow you to submit a comment about an improvement. Before you do so, go and check out the comments that others have already submitted and see if what you were about to say has already been said. If this is the case then vote on that comment. The highest voted for requests are going to be the ones that we pay most attention to. Duplicate comments don't help, voting on one that is important for you will help.
I've locked this topic. If you want to give us feedback about the site please do so by clicking on the Feedback & Support button on the right hand side of the page. This will pop-up a window that looks like this. Have a look on the left hand side of that window to see if someone has already commented on the topic that you want to comment on (lower image). If so click on that comment and you will be able to add your vote to it. The comments with the most votes get the most attention so it doesn't help if you repeat an already requested item. Thanks for your feedback, it helps us make a better site for you.

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