ES Tuesday 9-24-13

here are the numbers I'm using today
No video below? Try this link: Tuesday.swf

Bruce, it's great as usual...wish you hadn't covered the prices with the toolbar! :-)
prices should be on the right also...but will keep that advice in mind
Just paid attention to that...had to scroll to the right of the video to see the prices on the right.
okay, President Obama has spoken enough:))))) Speech driven impulse moves.
seems like everyone wants to know if the 94 - 95 retest if it comes, will hold back price so we can go back to yesterdays open, fridays close and the 03.75 - 04.50...seems like in this poor volume we should go back to the center of yesterdays bell as volume has dried up once we hit above our key upper zone

I thought they played nice so far today...
nice zones today bruce ! they worked nicely, congrats...