ES Monday 10-21-13

levels I'm watching....37.75 is the magnet price... if we open above that and push out last weeks RTh highs first......and especially if they can get the current On high above.then we can try sells and use the 37.75 as a magnet.....we have to be flexible...if we open above 37.75 but below the high of friday and drop down to 37.75 then we can try buys against it..low volume spot from Friday is at 36...I think an additional buy point is at the 33.25 if they can push out the overnight low first and then use the On low as a target.....I donot like the levels generated from Fridays seems incomplete and more likely to see that LVn get filled in some how

I think the best trade will come from selling if we can push Up first in RTH ...

while there are other support zones ( like 27.50 - 28.50 ) I think the biggest ZONE will be the 22.50 - 25.50...seems lots of stuff going on in there once we come back down into it sometime this week..assuming we don't keep rallying up forever !!
No video below? Try this link: monday_10-21-13.swf

getting over last weeks highs is good for our 37.75 magnet idea I think..we just need to see buyers dry up before we initiate
those that bought the 37.75 magnet would want to try and push to go get the overnight highs now...not on the long .....
many will have friday marked off as two seperate distributions by the LVN node....I think it's just will get interesting if they can't hold outside of Fridays RTH highs and get back into the LVN at 36.25....that could possibly mean we may trade back to Fridays poor lows
I think they want gap fill and LVN now
back inside fridays highs and we are not getting much of a pop off that 37.75....not a great sign if you were taking longs down here....shorts have the obvious upper hand now
see firsttime we hit 37.75 we had a fast run up...this time down it is muted......something to think about which way would have a better chance of working out