ES Friday 12-6-13

No chart yet this morning as I'm a little behind. But in reality "My" levels haven't changed. Review the opening of this week's threads and the charts depict the same levels. What I find most interesting aside from the launch on the jobs report (because it was good, and I don't know if good is bad or not, only the market does right?) I had that 9200 area as a safe haven this week and given the volatility we kept returning to it. Early yesterday we tested it and then fell off. Into the overnight it provided resistance until the Euro open and then we moved above and around it. Even after the dust settled on the report we wobbled around it for a short while before they decided to take it up. Monday I mentioned the balance above 1801 and how critical I thought that was at the time. Well it seem we have returned to the scene of the crime so to speak. Still critical for the Bulls to hold above in my opinion.