ES Weekend update 1/10/2014

well on the 5 hour chart you've seen that a triangle may be forming..time will tell, but here's a look at the state of the markets as i see it:
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es 03 14 weekly week 182012 week 22014

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es 03 14 daily 8312013 1112014

I had the 9th as a low and at least so far that was spot on .. but if we turn down now it may give a good low coming in about two weeks ... Seasonals are now up ,but weakly. .The bands are flat and ready to bend either way now. This week should resolve a lot of questions!
For my profile trading friends, courtesy Kathy Garber:
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profile es
Hope you rode that triangle hit at 1826.25 up to the end of the day, but i would start being careful up here. Heres a very short term 5 min look:
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15 min es
double click the charts slowly to expand for more detail.... Good luck all!
downside numbers later, if necessary...
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us spx 500 futures5 hours20140113064905
Well,i tried to show u the triangle which has of course broken to the downside,,,support is at 1810, and 1806.50 but better support would be around 1797 and of course 1780...
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es 15
nice retraction (as expected off of the 161.8 =1821.50) . bulls better hope it stops around here ,if they want the 1825 area
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Well, i give myself just a "c" for todays analysis. the rebound today, was a hit, and the 1821.50 had the usual 2 handle pullback from 1821.75,but the 24.50-25.50 was a complete miss. the 1829.25 was slightly exceeded also. So the analysis was good but the numbers sucked . However, i do NOT believe the correction is over and the daily chart shows this cycle wont end till next week.Im still not trading ,but if i was id be selling anywhere up here going into another weak seasonal day tomorrow, fwiw
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es 03 14 daily 8202013 1162014

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es 03 14 15 min 1162014
...Note : the 15 min chart is the initial move projections . You can do the math to get the full initial move projections from 1836.00,1830.00,